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A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Golf Tees

Teeing out can seem easy, but the basic golf tee is essential to every player’s game. Selecting the fitting tee can affect how far, straight, and well you hit your shots. As well as how well you do in the game. In this guide, we’ll look into the world of golf tees. We’ll look at the different types of golf tees and help you learn the advantages of each. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer who wants to improve your tee choice or a beginner who needs help knowing where to start.

Let’s peek at the different kinds of golf tees and find out which is ideal for your game.

We will now discuss why golf tees are essential In the game of golf.

Why Are Golf Tees Essential In The Game Of Golf?

Why Are Golf Tees Essential In The Game Of Golf

Golf tees are essential because they help golfers start their shots more regularly. Tees make hitting the golf ball cleanly and correctly easier by keeping it off the ground.

They also let players change the height to match the golf club they are using, which affects how far the ball goes.

Also, using tees keeps damage from happening to the golf field. Golf tees make it easy to play well and keep the course in good condition.

We will now discuss the types of golf tees.

Types Of Golf Tees

Different Types of Golf Tees

Different golf tees are made for different tastes and situations on the course.

Here are some types of golf tees that you might see:

Standard Wooden Tees

These are the traditional and most used golf tees. They are made of wood (often birch or hardwood) and come in various lengths, with the standard size being around 2.75 inches (70mm). Wooden tees are cheap and give the golf ball a stable place to stand.

Advantages of Standard Wooden Tees

  • Biodegradable: Wooden tees are suitable for the earth because they break down independently over time.
  • Stability: They give the ball a stable place to land, so the tee height is always the same.
  • Classic Feel: Wooden tees have a basic look and feel that many golfers like.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees are durable and come in various colors. They are often designed with a giant head and are less likely to break than wooden tees. Some plastic tees have prongs or lines on the head to help golfers set their ball at the desired height.

Advantages of Plastic Tees

  • Durability: Plastic tees last longer than wooden ones because they are less likely to break.
  • Consistency: They keep the tee’s height the same, making shots more accurate.
  • Wet Conditions: Plastic tees work well in the rain because they don’t soak up water.

Bamboo Tees

Bamboo tees are alternatives to traditional wooden tees. They are made from sustainable bamboo, making them a more conscious choice. They come in various lengths and are known for their durability.

Advantages of Bamboo Tees

  • Sustainability: Bamboo is a natural resource, so these t-shirts are a good choice for the earth.
  • Strength: Bamboo tees are solid and long-lasting, and they can take big hits.
  • Unique Aesthetics: They look different, which is something that some players like.

Step Tees

Step tees have a unique design with many prongs or steps. They are designed to provide a consistent tee height for each shot, helping golfers maintain a repeatable setup. Step tees are particularly useful for players who seek precision in their tee shots.

Advantages of Step Tees

  • Consistent Height: Step tees make sure that the tee’s height is the same for each shot, which helps with the setup.
  • Precision: Step tees are helpful for golfers who want more power over the height of their tees.
  • Repeatability: They help golfers hit their tee shots over and over again.

Zero Friction Tees

Zero-friction tees are made to lower the pressure between the ball and the tee. This means that there is less contact when the ball hits the tee. This can cause your long shots to go farther. They usually have a pronged or brush-like top that keeps the ball from touching it too much.

Advantages of Step Tees

  • Increased Distance: Tee shots go farther when there is less contact.
  • Enhanced Durability: They are made to last longer because the tee wears out less.
  • Variety of Styles: Zero-friction tees come in many different sizes and styles to meet the needs of other golfers.

We will discuss how golf tees can help golfers achieve consistent tee heights.

How Can Golf Tees Help Golfers Achieve Consistent Tee Heights?

How Can Golf Tees Help Golfers Achieve Consistent Tee Heights

Golf tees are essential for golfers to keep the golf ball at the same height when teeing off. This consistency is crucial for making accurate shots.

Using tees, golfers can set up the ball at the right height for their swing and club choice. This helps them hit the ball cleanly without hitting the ground first, which can lead to foul shots.

So, golf tees make it easier for golfers to have a consistent tee height, leading to better shots and more enjoyable rounds of golf.

We will now discuss what the advantages of using golf tees are.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Golf Tees?

Using golf tees has some simple advantages for golfers:

Consistent Height

Golf tees help keep the ball at the same height every time you tee off, making your shots more predictable.

Better Shots

You’re likelier to hit the ball with a consistent tee height, leading to straighter and longer shots.

Less Ground Hits

Golf tees prevent you from hitting the ground before the ball, which can cause foul shots.

Choice and Comfort

You can pick the right tee length and material that suits your golf swing, making you feel more comfortable and in control.


Tees save time on the course by eliminating the need to find the perfect spot to tee up manually.

Course Protection

Tees protect the tee box turf, helping to keep the course in good condition.

So, golf tees make the game more accessible and enjoyable by giving you consistent shots, better control, and less hassle.

We will now discuss some FAQs on different types of golf tees.

FAQs on Different Types of Golf Tees

Are There Different Tees In Golf?

Yes, there are different kinds of tees used in golf. Some are made of wood, while others are made of plastic and rubber. Golfers can choose the one they like best.

What Do The Different Color Tees Mean In Golf?

Different tee boxes on the golf course are marked with different colors. 

Here’s what they usually mean:

  • Red Tees are for beginners or people who want a more accessible game.
  • Gold or Yellow Tees: These are for older golfers or those who can’t hit the ball as far.
  • White Tees: These are for most men and are the standard tees.
  • Blue Tees: These are for more experienced golfers who want a challenge.
  • Black Tees: Some golf courses have these for a super challenging game.

We will now discuss the conclusion on Different Types of Golf Tees.


No matter how good a player is, he or she must know about the different types of greens. Wooden tees from the past to ones made of plastic and rubber today. Each has its benefits that make it suitable for other players and ways of playing. How a player plays from the tee can affect his or her aim, distance, and general enjoyment of the game.

So, this complete guide to golf tees will help you get better at the game and have more fun.

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