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How Long Should Golf Tees Be – Best Easy Guide 2023

Are your golf tees too long or too short? It’s a critical decision to play your best golf game. For the best performance and outcomes on the course, choosing the proper size of tees is crucial. Knowing what length tee you should use can improve your drive distance and accuracy. This blog post explains the significance of using the right tee length. Also, offer advice to assist you in selecting the appropriate tee lengths. Read on to learn more about how long golf tees should be!

How to Select the Correct Golf Tee Length

When selecting a golf tee length, it is important to consider the type of golg club you are using. Longer tees will be needed when hitting a driver or fairway woods. Shorter tees will be necessary when using long irons and wedges. Tee heights range from 2-3 1/2 inches to accommodate different clubs and golfer’s needs.

For example, if you hit your driver over 200 yards, a 3-inch or 2 3/4-inch tee would work best for you. To capitalize on the club head speed generated at contact. Golfers who hit their drivers farther than 200 yards may want to use a 3 1/2-inch tee.

Golf Tee Length and Its Impact

The length of the golf tee is a key part of getting the perfect drive. It changes the angle at which you hit the ball and its flight path, both of which can affect how far and straight your shots go. A tee that is too short or too long can cause bad things to happen, like 

  • Slices,
  • Hooks, 
  • Or less power. 

To get the most out of your swing, you need to find the right mix between tee length and club length.

03 Factors Influencing Golf Tee Length

Factors Influencing Golf Tee Length

Club Selection

The type of club you’re using is a big part of figuring out how long the tee should be. 

Most of the time, a longer tee is best for drivers and fairway woods. On the other hand, irons and hybrids might be more successful with a shorter tee. 

Matching the length of the tee to the club you’ve selected can help you get more out of your swing.

The height of the ball wanted

For a shot that works, the height of the ball at reach is very important. Longer tees can help you get the ball higher off the ground, which lets you swing with more sweep. 

On the other hand, shorter tees may assist you make the ball lower, which could be useful when it’s windy.

Style of Swinging for You

The best tee length additionally relies on how you swing and the point at which you strike the ball. 

If a golfer’s angle of attack is steep, a quicker start might help them not strike the ball too high on the clubface. 

On the other hand, players who have a short angle of attack might do better with a longer tee to get a better launch.

Choosing the Right Tee Length

Getting the best length for a golf tee requires two experiments and observation. Here’s a simple way to find the right length of t-shirt for you:


To get begun, try on a few different shirts. If you’re not sure what length to start with, try a shirt that’s just a little longer than usual. 

When changing tees, be aware of the effect on your shot’s trajectory, distance, and feel.


Keep track of how well each tee length works for you. Keep track of whether the ball goes farther, hits the target more accurately, or flies better. 

Over time, you’ll start to notice trends that tell you which tee length is best for your style of play.


Talk to a golf pro or a golf instructor if you need help choosing the right tee height. Ask the pros for advice on how to adjust the height of your tee to suit your swing.


What Are the Most Popular Golf Tee Lengths?

Knowing how long to make your golf tees for the best performance is key for any serious golfer. The most popular length for tees ranges from 2.25 to 3.5 inches. Although some players have been known to go with anything between. How short or tall you choose will depend on the type of club you are using. And the tee box you are playing in since teeing off from a deeper or shallower area will result in a successful shot.


For the best results, choosing the proper length golf tee is crucial. Selecting the correct tee height can help improve your game, whether using a driver or an iron. Longer tees should be used with drivers and fairway woods. Any golfer can discover the ideal tee length that works best for them with practice. 

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