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A Step-by-Step Guide to Release Golf Club

Golf is all about getting the right balance between skill and accuracy. The time when you let go of the golf club is one of the most important parts of a good golf move. It’s like the finishing touch that makes a simple move into a strong and beautiful shot. Don’t worry if you’re new to golf or still learning how to play. Learning how to release the golf club can be easy and fun. Releasing the golf club is one of the most important aspects of your swing. In this post, we’ll show you how to release the golf club.

Get ready to discover how making a small change to your skill can make a big difference on the course.

Why Does Releasing the Golf Club Properly Matter?

Why Does Releasing the Golf Club Properly Matter

Have you ever wondered why releasing the golf club right is a big deal? Let’s break it down – consider it the key to levelling up your golf game. Here’s why it matters:

Hitting Harder and Farther

Releasing the golf club properly isn’t just about letting go. It’s like giving your swing an extra turbo boost.

When you do it right, the club speeds up and gives your shot more oomph. That means your ball can travel way farther down the fairway.

Aiming like a Pro

You know those shots that end up in strange places? They happen when the clubface isn’t in the right position.

Releasing the club correctly helps keep the clubface steady, so your shots go where you want them to. No more surprise detours!

Smooth Moves

Imagine your swing as a smooth dance – releasing the club is the grand finale.

Doing it right makes your swing flow like a dance move from start to finish. This makes your swing feel natural and helps you hit the ball.

Playing with Control

Do you want to hit the ball high in the sky or keep it low? Releasing the club properly gives you the power to control the shot’s height and spin. It’s like having a remote control for your golf ball!

Keeping It Simple for Your Body

Releasing the club incorrectly can strain your muscles and make you feel like you did a marathon. But doing it right spreads the effort, keeping your body happy and preventing those post-game aches.

So, think about the magic of letting go of the golf club correctly. It’s not about fancy moves; it’s about hitting faster, shooting better, and making your game fun. Ready to learn how to do things? We’re about to make it easy for you.

Why Your Grip Matters

The grip is the only part of the golf club you hold. So, it makes sense that having the perfect golf grip can improve your game. With a good grip, you can hit the ball with more power and accuracy. There are a few things to keep in mind when gripping the club:

  • Ensure you hold the club at your fingertips, not in your palms.
  • Place your hands on the club so that the V formed by your thumb and index finger points toward your right shoulder.
  • Your grip must be firm but not too tight. You should be able to slide a finger between your palm and the grip.
  • Experiment with different grips until you find one that feels comfortable and gives you the desired results.

Top 3 Ways to Release Golf Club

Ways to Release Golf Club

Releasing the golf club is a game-changer, and various techniques exist to achieve it. Here are the top three ways to release the golf club, each offering its unique advantages:

01. Push Release

The push release is about maintaining a straight contact line between your lead arm and the club shaft as you golf swing through the ball. Here’s how it works:


Keep your lead arm (left arm for right-handed golfers) extended and straight through impact. Imagine pushing the grip end of the club toward the target as you swing through.


The push release promotes a straighter ball flight with reduced curvature, which is ideal for accuracy. It helps prevent slices and promotes a more consistent shot shape.

2. Crossover Release

The crossover release involves allowing your trail hand to cross over your lead hand after impact. Here’s how to do it:


As you swing through, let your trail hand cross over your lead hand, making the clubhead turn over. This imparts extra speed and generates a draw or controlled fade.


The crossover release adds extra distance and can shape shots with controlled curves. It’s favoured by golfers who want more power without sacrificing accuracy.

3. Slap Hinge Release

During the backswing, the slap hinge release focuses on making a sharp bend in your arms. Followed by a quick “slap” of the clubface through the ball. Here’s how to make it happen:


During your backswing, hinge your wrists sharply to create an angle between the lead arm and the club shaft. On the downswing, release the hinge quickly, “slapping” the clubface through the ball.


The slap hinge release can add significant clubhead speed and distance. It’s particularly effective for players who want to maximize their power potential.

Each of these release methods has its perks. The one you choose will depend on how you play, the shape of the shot you want, and your skill level. Try each way to find the one that feels most comfortable and works best for your game. You must consistently practice to learn any release method and improve your general golf game.

The Best Golf Release Drills

Ready to improve your golf club release? These simple drills will help you do just that:

Towel Trick

Put a towel under your arm (the left arm for righties, the right arm for lefties). Swing with the towel held against your body. This helps you keep your arms connected to your body during the release, boosting control.

Half Swings, Full Impact

Practice half swings while focusing on the moment of release. Gradually work up to full swings. This drill sharpens your hand and wrist movement during the release.

Slow and Steady

Try your swing in slow motion. Pay attention to how your hands and wrists move as you release. This builds muscle memory for the right release motion.

Bag It Up

Get an impact bag or make one with soft materials. Swing into the bag, focusing on the release. Instant feedback and better hand positioning will be your reward.

Coin Balancing Act

Balance a coin on your wedge’s face. Swing while aiming to keep the coin steady. This promotes a smooth and controlled release.

Stick with It

Use an alignment stick along your lead forearm. Swing, keeping the stick in contact. This prevents the early casting of the club.

Straight Shooter

Practice with your lead arm (left for righties) straight. This helps maintain the right wrist angle and prevents an early release.

Target Lock

Set a target and focus on releasing the club towards it after impact. This drill sharpens your ability to guide the clubface to your intended target.

Practice these drills regularly, and watch your golf club release improve. Mastering this move will help you hit more accurate and powerful shots on the course.


Now that you know how to release the golf club, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice on the course. Remember to keep your head down and let go of the club at the end of your swing. With some practice, you’ll be hitting those long drives and sinking those tricky putts quickly!

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