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How To Use A Golf Push Cart – Best Easy Guide [2023]

Are you tired of lugging around your heavy golf bag while trying to focus on your swing? Well, say goodbye to the days of straining your back and hello to the convenience of a golf push cart! Using a golf push cart can improve your game, whether you’ve been playing for a long time or just started. In this easy-to-follow guide shows, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of how to use a golf push cart effectively. So you can glide across the course and keep your energy focused on what matters: getting better at golf. Let’s dive in and discover how this simple yet game-changing tool can elevate your golfing journey.

Benefits Of Using Golf Push Carts

Benefits Of Using Golf Push Carts

Using a golf push cart can make your golfing experience so much better! Here are some easy-to-understand benefits:

Less Tiring

Instead of carrying your heavy bag, push it with the cart. You’ll feel less tired and have more energy to focus on your game.

Improved Performance

Your swings can be smoother and more consistent without the weight on your back.

Save Time and Money

No need to rent a golf cart with a motor. With a push cart, you can start your game immediately and save money in the long run.

Stay Healthy

Walking with a push cart is good exercise. It keeps you active and helps burn calories.

Be Eco-Friendly

Using a push cart reduces the need for motorized carts, which is better for the environment.

Easy to Use

Most push carts are user-friendly, with smooth wheels and handy storage compartments.

More Social

Walking the course with a push cart lets you chat and enjoy the game with your friends.

So, if you want a fun, easy, and healthy way to play golf, try a push cart! You’ll love the difference it makes on the golf course.

Types Of Golf Push Carts

Manual Push Carts

The player has to push or pull these carts by hand. They are easy to use and don’t weigh much. It doesn’t use batteries or a motor. They are cheap, easy to care for, and great for players on a tight budget.

Electric Push Carts

Electric push carts have a motor that is driven by a battery. This motor helps move the cart. Some are more convenient because they come with a remote handle. They are great for players who want to play without using their hands and with less effort.

Choose the type that works best for you and enjoy playing more comfortably.

Components Of A Golf Push Cart

Components Of A Golf Push Cart

A golf push cart has several important parts that work together to make it useful and easy to use. The most important parts of a golf push cart are:

Frame and Wheels

The frame is the main part of the golf push cart. It gives your golf bag strength and steadiness. Most of the time, it is made of light materials like aluminum or steel so that the cart is easy to move.

Most of the time, there are two or three wheels, which make it easy to move around the track. Good wheels have great grip and roll smoothly over different surfaces.

Handle and Grips

The handle is an important part of a golf push cart because it lets you move and steer it. Usually, it is at the back of the cart, across from the wheels. Most of the time, the handle has adjustable grips that make pushing or pulling the cart easy and safe.

Brakes and Locks

The brakes on a golf push cart are very important for safety. They keep the cart still when you need to stop or park it on rough ground. Most push carts have brakes near the back wheels that you can work with your foot. This makes it easy to put the brakes on and take them off.

Bag Straps and Holders

Straps and holders keep your golf bag in place on the cart. These straps can be changed to fit bags of different sizes. The straps keep your bag in place while you move, so it doesn’t move around or fall off the cart.

These parts make the golf push cart helpful in getting your golf gear around the course.

Preparing The Golf Push Cart

Preparing The Golf Push Cart

Preparing the golf push cart is easy and essential for a smooth golfing experience. Follow these simple steps:

  • If your push cart is foldable, unfold it and set it up following the instructions.
  • Inspect the cart for any visible damage or loose parts.
  • Set the handle to a height that’s good for you.
  • Load your golf bag with all the necessary clubs and accessories.
  • Use the provided straps to attach your bag firmly to the cart.
  • Check that the brakes work properly.
  • If your cart has extras like drink holders or umbrella holders, attach them.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a great round of golf with your prepared push cart!

Loading The Golf Bag

Here’s an easy guide to loading your golf bag onto the push cart:

  • Arrange your clubs in the bag, ensuring they are in their proper slots.
  • Place the pushcart on a flat and stable surface.
  • Look for the bag straps or holders on the cart.
  • Gently place your golf bag on the cart’s designated holder.
  • Use the bag straps to fasten your bag securely to the cart.
  • Ensure that the cart is stable by spreading the weight out properly.
  • Double-check that the bag is firmly attached to the cart.

Now your golf bag is loaded and ready to go! Enjoy your game with everything you need conveniently at hand.

Pushing And Steering The Golf Cart

Here’s an easy guide on how to push and steer the golf push cart:

  • Hold the handle grips with both hands, keeping a comfortable grip.
  • To move the cart forward, slightly lean it back and start walking. Use gentle pressure on the handle to push it ahead.
  • If you prefer pulling the cart, face it, hold the handle grips, and walk backward.
  • Adjust the handle grips in the direction you want the cart to go. Use gentle movements for smooth steering.
  • Take it slow on hills and uneven ground. Use both hands on the handle grips for stability.
  • If you need to stop, use the brakes (if your cart has them) by stepping on the brake pedal.

Remember that other people are on the course, and have fun with your easy-to-use push cart.

Golf Course Etiquette With Push Carts

Here are some easy-to-follow rules about how to act when using push carts on a golf course:

Follow Course Rules

Learn the special rules and policies about push carts at the golf course. Some courses may have special places for push carts or rules about using them.

Stay on Cart Paths (If Required)

Some golf courses may need to push carts to stay on marked cart tracks to protect the fields and greens. Follow these rules and keep your cart on track when you’re supposed to.

Park Away from Greens and Hazards

As you reach the greens, park your push cart far away from the putting area. Also, don’t park your cart where it might get in the way of other players or stop play.

Keep a Safe Distance

Keep a safe distance from other players as you walk with your push cart. If they are getting ready to swing or putt, don’t walk or stand in their line of sight.

Respect the Course

Be kind and careful with the golf field. Don’t drive the pushcart over places like sensitive flowerbeds or bunkers.

By following these easy rules of golfing manners. You’ll help yourself and others on the course to have a good time.


Your playing experience will be much better if you use a golf push cart. It’s easy to set up and use, so players of all skill levels will find it helpful. You can play a more fun round of golf if you put less strain on your body and pay more attention to your game. Just remember to act correctly on the course, and you’ll have a great time with your golf push cart, making your playing days more fun than ever!

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