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Should I Use A Tee With My Irons – Best Guide

You’re on the golf course, leaning over your ball with an iron club in your hand, and you wonder if a tee might help. Golfers of all skill levels often ask this question. Using a tee is more evident with irons than drivers, but it can still affect your game. This article will discuss the good and bad things about Use A Tee With My Irons. When it makes sense, and how to make the most of it.

Let’s start with irons and see when they are the correct option for your game.

We will now discuss What Are The Basics Of Golf Irons.

What Are The Basics Of Golf Irons?

What Are The Basics Of Golf Irons

Golf irons are essential clubs. You can’t hit the ball very far with them, but they’re great for making straight shots. Irons have numbers like 3, 4, 5, and so on. Irons with lower numbers hit the ball farther.

The lines on the flat faces of these golf clubs make the ball move in the opposite direction. When the hole is pretty close, golfers use clubs to get the ball close to it.

So, they help golfers be more accurate and in charge on the field.

We will now discuss what Is the traditional use of tees In golf.

What Is The Traditional Use Of Tees In Golf?

When starting a hole, people use tees to lift the ball off the ground. At the start of each hole, they mostly use tees with their big clubs like drivers. This helps them hit the ball better and further.

Tees come in different shapes, so players can pick the one that works best for them.

Even though most players use tees with their drivers, they can also use them with other clubs if they want to.

We will now discuss why you want to use a tee with irons.

Why Would You Want To Use A Tee With Irons?

Most golfers don’t use tees with irons because irons are made to hit the ball off the ground. But if the soil is hard or uneven, players might use a tee with clubs.

It can also help people start hitting the ball more regularly. Some players like trying it out while practicing to see if it helps.

But most golfers improve their game by using clubs without tees.

We will now discuss how tee height affects Iron shots.

How Does Tee Height Affect Iron Shots?

Tee height can change how your iron shots in golf work:

Ball Height

Putting the tee very low, the ball stays close to the ground. If it’s high, the ball goes up in the air.

Hitting the Ball

When you hit the ball, you want to do it just right. You can hit the ball well if the tee’s height matches your swing. But you might not hit it exactly if it’s too high or too low.

Distance and Control

The right tee height helps you hit the ball far and control where it goes. If the tee’s size fits your swing, you can get the ball to stop where you want it.

Personal Choice

Some golfers like the golf tee a little higher for irons, and some like it lower. It depends on how you want to play and what works best for you.

So, the tee height matters for iron shots, and you can try different sizes to find what works best for your game.

We will now discuss the benefits of using tees with irons.

Benefits Of Using Tees With Irons

Here are the benefits of using tees with irons in simple terms:


Using a tee makes it easier to hit the ball at the same height every time, which can lead to more accurate shots.

Clean Strikes

It helps you hit the ball cleanly with the middle of the club, reducing mis-hits.

Distance Control

Some golfers find it helps them control how far the ball goes more precisely.

Handling Tough Ground

A tee can lift the ball above those problems when the ground is hard or uneven, improving your shots.

Personal Choice

Some golfers just like using tees with irons because it feels right for them. It’s a matter of personal preference.

We will now discuss the drawbacks of using tees with irons.

Disadvantages Of Using Tees With Irons

Using tees with irons in golf can have some downsides:

Height Control

If you get the tee height right, it can save how the ball flies. Too high or too low can cause problems.

Inconsistent Distance

Using tees with irons might make hitting the golf ball the same distance harder every time.

Not Good for Learning

If you always use tees, you might not get better at hitting irons from the ground, which is essential in golf.

We will now discuss when to consider using tees with irons.

When To Consider Using Tees With Irons

You might think about using tees with irons in golf in these situations:

Tough Ground

A tee can help you start your iron shot better when the ground is harsh, uneven, or bare.

Comfort and Confidence

If you’re starting or need clarification on your iron shots. Putting on tees can make you feel better and give you more confidence.


During practice rounds, you can use tees with irons to see if it improves your game or feels better.

Team Decisions

In some types of team golf, like scrambles, your team may use irons instead of tees if it helps your plan.

Remember that tees aren’t usually used with irons in regular play. So, it is essential to try different things and see if they help your game.

We will now discuss tips for using tees with irons.

Tips For Using Tees With Irons

Here are some straightforward tips for using tees with irons in golf:

  • Find the Right Height: Experiment to determine the best tee height for your swing. It’s usually above the clubface’s center.
  • Keep it Consistent: Once you discover the correct tee height, stick with it to hit the ball the same way each time.
  • Practice: Spend time practicing with tees and irons on the range to get used to how they work together.
  • Focus on Ball Position: Put the ball in the right spot in your stance, slightly ahead of the center, to help you hit it well.
  • Short vs. Long Irons: You might need different tee heights for shorter and longer irons. Short ones need lower tees, and longer ones may need higher tees.
  • Consider the Ground: Using a tee can be more helpful if the ground is hard or uneven.
  • Have a Routine: Develop a routine before you hit the ball to keep your shots consistent.
  • Practice Accuracy: Use tees when practicing to get better at hitting targets on the range.
  • Play to Your Strengths: If using tees with irons works for you, use them when it makes sense on the course.
  • Ask for Help: Ask a golf instructor if you need clarification on tees and irons.

Remember, using tees with irons is a personal choice. Find out what makes your iron shots better by trying different things.

We will now discuss some FAQs on using a tee with my Irons.

FAQs on Use A Tee With My Irons

Should You Hit An Iron With A Tee?

Most of the time, irons are hit from the ground. But there are times when some golfers use tees with irons to help their shots.

When Should I Use A Tee?

You can use a tee with your clubs when the ground is hard. During practice, if you are a newbie and need more trust. If your team thinks it is a good plan.

How High Should I Tee My Irons?

Hit the ball a little higher than the middle of the clubface. Try different heights until you find one that works with your swing and club. For short irons, use a lower tee; for long irons, use a slightly higher tee.

We will now discuss the conclusion on using a tee with my irons.


Whether or not you should use a tee with your irons in golf depends on how you play and the weather. 

It can be helpful sometimes, especially on tricky ground or just starting. But only some players do that. 

So, it comes down to what makes you feel good and helps you play your best. The most important thing is to have fun playing golf and work on your skills to improve.

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