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Using The Right Golf Tees For Different Clubs – Exclusive Guide

Choosing the fit of your golf tees for different clubs is a key part of playing golf well and having fun. Golfers should choose their tees based on the type of club they plan to use, like a builder chooses the right tool for the job. This easy but essential choice can significantly affect how well you do in the game.

In this guide, we’ll talk about why using the fitting golf tees for different clubs is essential. It gives you helpful information to help you choose the best ones for your game.

We will now discuss what is golf tees.

What Are Golf Tees?

What Are Golf Tees

Golf tees are like small pegs that players use to lift their ball off the ground when they start a game.

They come in various sizes and materials, such as wood or plastic, to fit the needs of different clubs and players.

Golf tees make it easier for players to hit the ball, which helps them play the game better.

So, if you ever watch golf, those little sticks in the ground are called golf tees.

We will now discuss the different types of golf tees available.

The Different Types Of Golf Tees Available

The Different Types Of Golf Tees Available

Wooden Tees

Tees made of wood have been famous for a long time. Most of the time, they are made of birch or oak wood and come in various shapes.

These t-shirts are simple, cheap, and can be recycled, so they are good for the environment. Golfers can push them quickly into the ground to safeguard the ball.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees are also a common choice. Most of the time, they are made of solid materials like plastic and are made to last longer than wooden tees.

Plastic tees come in various colors and sizes, giving players many options for getting their shots to the right height. They also last longer and can handle a lot of tee-offs.

Brush Tees

Brush tees are a new idea to make it easier for the golf ball to slide off the tee. They have a bristle-like top that holds the ball, reducing the contact area and making for a clean hit.

Golfers who want to lessen spin and get more distance off the tee often choose brush tees. They are usually made of plastic or a combination of materials and come in different widths.

These three golf tees are made to meet the needs of different golfers and playing situations.

We will now discuss how I know what golf tees To play from.

How Do I Know What Golf Tees To Play From?

Consider your skill level and how far you can hit the ball to pick the fitting golf tees. If you’re new or not a strong hitter, go for the shorter tees, often marked with red markers. These make the game easier.

Suppose you’re in the middle. White or gold tees work well. And if you’re good and hit it far, try the back tees, usually blue or black, for a more formidable challenge.

The main thing is to have fun and not make it too hard on yourself!

We will now discuss Adjusting Tee Length For Different Clubs.

Adjusting Tee Length For Different Clubs

It would help to match the tee length to the club you’re using for the best golf shots.


When setting up your driver, you should use a tee, letting about half the ball go above the clubhead. This position above the ground makes the ground less of a problem. It enables you to hit the ball with a higher velocity, which gives you the most distance.


When using shorter ones like wedges and short irons, you should tee the ball or not at all. Since the ball is hit straight off the ground, this setup makes it easier to hit with more control and accuracy.

Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods has a tee height that is between that of the driver and that of the irons. Place the ball on the tee higher than you would with an iron so that about a quarter is above the clubhead. This setting makes hitting the ball easier and getting it off the ground.


Like Fairway Woods, hybrids have a tee height slightly higher than irons but lower than the driver. Set the ball so that it is between a quarter and a third of the way above the clubhead. This setting makes finding a good mix between distance and control easier.

Changing the height of the tee to match the club you’re using lets you use each club’s strengths to their fullest.

We will now discuss how tee height can Impact your shots.

How Tee Height Can Impact Your Shots

How Tee Height Can Impact Your Shots

How high your tee is can significantly affect your golf shots. When you hit the ball from a lower tee, it tends to go lower, and you have more control over it. This can help when it’s windy, or you must keep the ball low to get around something.

So, putting the ball on a higher tee can lead to higher shots that fly farther. This is helpful if you have to carry dangers like mines or water or if you need to drive further.

Finding the correct tee height for your shot can help you do better on the golf course and adapt to different situations.

We will now discuss how tee material can affect ball spin And distance.

How Tee Material Can Affect Ball Spin And Distance

Ball Spin

The golf ball will move more or less depending on what kind of tee you use. Most wooden tees make the ball move less, which can help keep it going straighter. Plastic tees make the ball spin faster, which makes it easier for players to control where their shots go.


Your tee’s material can also change how far your ball goes. Plastic tees are more uniform in height, so you can hit the ball more regularly and get more distance. Tees made of wood can be different sizes, which can change how far your shots go.

So, the tee material can affect how much your golf ball moves and how far it goes, based on your game.

We will now discuss how golfers properly clean their tees to prolong their lifespan.

How Can Golfers Properly Clean Their Tees To Prolong Their Lifespan?

Keeping their tees clean and in good shape is an easy way for golfers to make them last longer.

Here’s a simple way to clean golf tees the right way:

Rinse with Water

After using your tees, rinse them under a faucet or with a water bottle to remove dirt, grass, and debris. Use your fingers or a brush, if necessary, to scrub away stubborn dirt.

Dry Them

After you rinse the tees, let them dry completely in the air. They can dry faster if you put them out in the sun or use a towel. Make sure they are scorched before you put them away.

Inspect for Damage

Check your tees often for signs of damage or wear, like cracks or splinters in wooden tees or bends in plastic ones. Tees that are broken should be changed so your shots don’t get messed up.

Store Properly

Keep your t-shirts somewhere cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Use a tee box or bucket to keep them organized and stop them from wearing out too quickly.

Rotate Usage

If you have many tees of the same size, rotate their usage to distribute the wear evenly. This can extend the lifespan of each tee.

Golfers can ensure their tees stay in good shape and last longer by following these easy steps for cleaning and care. In the long run, this will save them money and time.

We will now discuss some FAQs on Golf Tees For Different Clubs.

FAQs on Golf Tees For Different Clubs

Can You Play From Different Tee Boxes?

Yes, there are different places on the golf course where you can start your game. These are called “tee boxes.” They all have different lengths to the hole, so you can choose the one that fits your skill level.

When Should You Use The Senior Tees In Golf?

If you are older or don’t hit the ball as far, using the “senior tees” is a good idea because they are closer to the hole. This makes the game easier to learn and more fun to play.

Does It Matter How You Put Your Ball On The Tee?

It does, yes. Try to keep the height of your golf ball on the tee the same each time. About half of the ball should be above the top of the clubface for your driver. This makes your shots better. Put the ball lower on the tee with other clubs. Your golf game will be better if you use the same tee height.

We will now discuss the conclusion on golf tees For different clubs.

Conclusion on Golf Tees For Different Clubs

You can’t say enough about how important it is to use the fitting golf tees for each club. It directly affects how far, straight, and fun you can hit the ball on the golf course.

Choose your tees based on your clubs, swing speed, and playing style. You can make each shot more likely to go well.

So, the next time you step up to the tee box, remember that this small choice can significantly affect your game.

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