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How To Know When To Use What Golf Club – The Ultimate Guide

Are you new to golf and picking the right clubs for the course? Or you’re a skilled player who wants to choose the right clubs. In golf, picking the right club can make a big difference in your game. This is a skill that all golfers can improve on. 

This blog post will make it easier to figure out when to use each golf club and give you valuable tips. 

If you’re teeing off, getting close to the green, or getting through a challenging situation. Choosing the right clubs will make you feel better about your game and help you do better on the field.

We will now discuss what’s the ideal club set-up for beginners.

What’s the Ideal Club Set-up for Beginners?

Finding the Perfect Golf Club Set for Novice Players: Recommendations and Tips

For beginners in golf, the ideal club set includes clubs that make learning easier.

  • It usually has a driver for long tee shots,
  • Fairway Woods for versatile hits,
  • Hybrid clubs for tricky situations,
  • A set of irons for various distances,
  • A putter for putting on the green and
  • A golf bag to carry everything.

Remember golf balls and tees, too! As beginners get better, they can add more clubs to their set. It’s all about starting with clubs that help you learn and enjoy the game.

We will now discuss which golf club to use for different shots.

Which Golf Club To Use For Different Shots

Choosing the Right Golf Club for Every Shot: A Guide to Improve Your Game

What do you want to achieve in that hole? Your skill level, the shape of the ball, and outside factors like weather all play a role in choosing which golf club to use for each shot. I want to talk about how these things will affect your golf game. 

Know Your Distances

It’s important to know your routes. You need to know how far each club can go.

A golfer might think they hit their 7 iron 150 yards sometimes. But they only hit it 145 yards and gave it five yards of roll.

This helps you pick the right club for each shot, whether long or short. Knowing how far things are, you can play better and get the ball where you want it to go.

To improve at golf, practice and learn how far your clubs go.

Lie Of The Golf Ball

The ball’s “lie” means where it is on the course. It might be in the rough, on the green, in a hole, or somewhere else. Your swing will depend on where the ball is sitting.

Say you’re trying to hit the ball from the fairway instead of the rough or a hole.

To get better at golf, look at where your ball is and choose the right club and shot based on that.


Golf has different types of weather, such as sunny, cloudy, windy, and cold. 

The weather can change how you play. The wind and rain can move the ball around and wet the course. 

Think about the weather and how it might change your game when you play golf. 

Scoring Goals

Golfers set “scoring goals” when they decide how many shots they want to take to finish a hole or the round. 

It’s like telling yourself you want to get better at golf. Some golfers try to get a certain number of shots on each hole, like getting to par. 

That is, making a certain number of steps. It helps you concentrate and play your best. 

Get An Accurate Yardage

Find the distance between where you are and where you want the ball to go. This is called exact length. 

It’s the same as knowing the exact distance. It helps you pick the right club and hit the ball farther. 

Golfers use rangefinders or marks on the golf course to determine how far things are. To play golf well, you need to do this. 

The Percentage Shot

The percentage shot” in golf means picking the safer and more reliable shot. Instead of trying a risky one, they chose the one with a better chance of working. It’s like making the smart play to avoid mistakes and improve your golf game.

We will now discuss how to decide when to use each club.

How to Decide When to Use Each Club

You need to know when to use each club to improve at golf. If your clubs aren’t right, it doesn’t matter how well you hit the ball. Even so, it might work out differently than you think it will.

Long-Range Shots

You hit the ball a long way with a long-range shot. Like when you’re at the start of a hole or far away and trying to get to the green.

Golfers use clubs that can hit the ball very far, like drivers and fairway woods.

To hit the ball where you want it to go, you need to use the right club and hit the shot hard and straight.

Lowering your score is especially important on holes that are farther away.

Mid-Range Shots

Mid-range shots are like shots in the middle. They’re short, like when you start a hole, and they’re far from the spot.

For these shots, golfers use clubs like the 6-iron or 7-iron. These shots aim to get the ball close to or even on the green.

You need to be able to control and aim them well to make the putt easier and help you score more points.

Close-Range Shots

A close-range shot is one that you make when you’re very close to the hole, like a few steps away.

A lot of the time, players use wedges or even putters for these shots. With as few tries as possible, you must be careful and hit the ball straight into the hole.

You should work on and get good at these shots because they can make a big difference in your score.


In golf, “greenside” refers to the short, smooth grass around the hole. It’s the last part of the golf course before you hit the hole. 

Greenside shots are the ones you take from this spot, like when you’re almost done with the hole. 

It would help to hit these shots straight because they help you finish the hole with as few strokes as possible.

We will now discuss golf clubs per distance.

Golf Clubs per Distance

This simple table shows how far different golf clubs are thought to go. Remember that these lengths can be different for each player depending on how good they are and how fast they swing. 

Golf ClubDistance to the Hole
Driver230 yards
3-wood210 yards
2-iron or 4-wood190 yards
3-iron or 5-wood180 yards
4-iron170 yards
5-iron160 yards
6-iron150 yards
7-iron140 yards
8-iron130 yards
9-iron120 yards
Pitching wedge110 yards
Sand wedge90 yards
Lob wedge65 yards
PutterPutting surface

We will now discuss some FAQs on when to use what golf club.

FAQs on When To Use What Golf Club.

How Do I Know What Club To Tee Off With?

When you tee off in golf, you need to think about how far you want to hit the ball and how straight you need to be.

The driver is the best club for hitting the ball far from the tee.

You can use a different club, like a fairway wood or hybrid, to hit the ball more or if the hole is shorter.

How Do You Tell Which Club Is A Driver?

The driver in your golf bag is easy to find. With its big head, it’s the longest club.

The driver has a longer shaft than the other clubs, and the clubhead is big and flat.

Most of the time, it has a “1” or “driver” written on it. That way, when you need a driver, you can quickly find it.

Now, come to the final remarks.


Knowing when to use each golf club is important because it can help you improve.

You can make better choices considering how far you need to hit the ball, how the game is set up, and your skills. It will get easier for you if you do it often.

Do your best and keep learning; picking the right club soon will be simple. Have fun on the golf course!

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