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How to Make Golf Carts Faster – Easy 7 Ways

Have you ever learned how to make golf carts faster? You’re not by yourself. No matter if you use it to cruise the course or get around your land. A faster golf cart can make the ride more fun.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to turn your ordinary golf cart into a speedier companion.

We’ll help you get the most out of your trusty four-wheeler by giving you everything from small changes to essential tips. Get ready for a “fast” golf cart ride!

We will now discuss what’s a good speed for a golf cart.

What’s A Good Speed For A Golf Cart?

Optimal Golf Cart Speed: Finding the Right Balance for Your Ride

Your golf cart’s speed should depend on what you want to do with it. Going 12 to 15 miles per hour is fine for a slow round of golf.

But, if you use your golf cart to get around on more prominent sites. You can go faster at twenty to twenty-five miles per hour.

Safety should always come first, so follow the rules in your area, and your golf cart can go at the speed you want.

For a golf cart, the “good” speed is the one that works for you and keeps you safe and relaxed.

We will now discuss how to extend the power of a golf cart.

How To Extend The Power Of A Golf Cart

Adding more power and range to your golf cart is a good idea, especially if you want to take it on longer trips.

One easy way to do this is to keep the batteries in your cart in good shape. Maintaining them regularly, like ensuring they are clean and charged, can significantly help.

If you can afford it, buy better batteries that last longer.

One more tip is to make your cart lighter. This will make the batteries last longer when they’re fully charged.

We will now discuss seven ways to make your golf cart faster.

7 Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Boosting Golf Cart Speed: Effective Strategies to Increase Your Pace

Here are the seven ways to make your golf cart faster, along with a brief explanation of each:

Adding More Torque

Think of torque as the extra power your golf cart needs. If your cart has more power, it can start up faster and go up and down hills better. It’s like adding extra strength to your cart to make it go quicker and better.

You should add more torque to make the ride faster and smoother. It’s a simple way to make your golf cart better.

Upgrading The Motor

A better motor for your golf cart is like making it go faster. It’s a significant change that makes your cart work better and quicker

It’s like putting more power into a car’s engine. A better motor makes your golf cart handle hills faster when you want to go somewhere faster. 

It may cost some money, but it’s an intelligent way to make your golf cart faster and more fun. 

Upgrade The Speed Controller

Getting a faster switch for your golf cart is the same as upgrading its speed device. You can speed up your cart with just one small change.

This addition can make your rides faster and more fun if your cart moves too slowly. It’s like how a remote can make watching TV better.

Upgrade Your Battery

Change the battery in your golf cart like you would buy a new one. Like new sneakers can make walking faster and more relaxed, better shoes can do the same. Your cart can go farther and sometimes faster with a good battery.

A simple way to make your golf cart rides longer and smoother is to change the battery.

Upgrade To Bigger Tires

Putting bigger wheels on your bike is like putting bigger tires on your golf cart.

Because they cover more ground with each spin, bigger tires make your cart move faster, like how bigger wheels make it easier to go more quickly when riding a bike.

Your golf cart will go faster and ride better if the tires are more extensive. This will make your trips more fun and valuable.

Keep Your Golf Cart Clean

Keeping your golf cart clean is like putting your room in order. Your cart can go faster and work better when it’s clean. A dirty cart can slow you down in the same way that a messy room can. 

So, keeping it clean makes the ride faster and easier, which makes trips more fun. 

The Importance Of Weight Reduction

Making your golf cart lighter is like taking less stuff with you on a trip. A cart that is more lightweight moves faster and needs less power. A lighter golf cart goes faster and more smoothly, just like traveling with fewer bags makes things easier.

So, if you want to go faster and have a better time, try removing the extra stuff in your cart.

We will now discuss some FAQs on make golf carts faster.

FAQs on Make Golf Carts Faster

Where Is The Speed Limiter On A Golf Cart?

The speed limiter is generally in the head unit on a golf cart. Which is usually next to the batteries, under the seat, or in the engine area. Look in the instructions with your golf cart or call the company that made it for exact information on where it is.

How Do You Increase The Speed Of A Golf Cart?

You can speed up your golf cart by:

  • Upgrade the motor for more power.
  • Adjust the speed controller if available.
  • Upgrade to better batteries for improved performance.
  • Change the gear ratio for faster acceleration.
  • Install larger tires for increased speed.
  • Keep your golf cart well-maintained.
  • Always check local rules and safety guidelines when making modifications for speed.

Now, come to the final remarks.


There you have it. You can make golf carts faster, and it can be fun to do so. These steps help you get around more quickly, whether you’re using your cart for golf or something else.

You have the power to do anything, from improving the motor to fine-tuning the speed controls.

Remember always to put safety first and follow the rules. Now, play with your faster golf cart.

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