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5 Best Beginner Golf Balls-A Guide for New Golfers

The best beginner golf balls will depend on the player’s personal tastes, skill level, and playing style. To find the best golf ball for you, you should try out a few different brands and types. You can also talk to a golf pro or go to a golf store to get good knowledge.

Remember that the goal for beginners is to find golf balls that make the game more fun. This helps them get better and offers a good mix of distance, control, mercy, and price.

First, we’ll talk about what beginners need to know about golf balls.

Understanding Beginner Golf Balls

Understanding Beginner Golf Balls

Here we are going to discuss the main characteristics of beginner golf users(evolution).

Characteristics of Beginner Golf Balls:

Beginner golf balls possess specific features that make them ideal for new golfers. They are designed to enhance the following factors, such as:

  • Forgiveness
  • Durability
  • Distance
  • Compress Rating,  and 
  • Spin Control

Most of the time, these balls don’t shrink very much. This lets people who are just starting out hit the ball farther and better. They give you more control and better aim. These are very important for creating a steady swing.  

Advantages of Beginner Golf Balls

Advantages of Beginner Golf Balls

New players can get a lot out of using starter golf balls. These balls make it easier to handle the game and make mistakes less painful. This lets people who are starting to swing work on improving their skills. 

As these balls make shots more consistent, they boost must. It also makes the process of learning more fun and fulfilling.

Now we’ll talk about things to think about when choosing beginner golf balls(cheap).

Factors to Consider When Choosing Beginner Golf Balls

Factors to Consider When Choosing Beginner Golf Balls

Heres follow above factors very carefully:

Compression Rating:

The compression rating refers to the ball’s ability to compress upon impact. For beginners, it is recommended to choose golf balls with a lower compression rating (typically below 80). Low-compression balls require less swing speed to compress. It results in increased distance and a better feel for those with slower swing speeds.

Spin Control:

Spin control is crucial for beginner golfers, as excessive spin can lead to less accurate shots. Look for golf balls that offer lower spin rates to reduce slices and hooks. It also provides better control over ball flight. Lower spin balls tend to have a more forgiving nature and help maintain straighter shots.

Dimples and Aerodynamics:

The dimples on a golf ball play a significant role in its flight characteristics. Look for golf balls with aerodynamic dimple designs. It optimizes lift and reduces drag. These features promote longer and more stable ball flights. It helps beginners achieve greater distance and accuracy.


Look for golf balls that offer forgiveness. These balls are designed to minimize the impact of mishits. It will provide more consistent results and boost confidence for beginners.


 Beginners tend to hit more shots, including some that may end up off-target. Therefore, choosing golf balls that are durable and long-lasting is a wise choice. In some cases, it ensures the balls can withstand the occasional rough treatment.

Budget Considerations:

As a beginner, it’s essential to consider your budget when choosing golf balls. Fortunately, there are choices for new players that are easy on the wallet and work well.

 Balancing quality and price will ensure you get the most value from your investment.

What Kind Of Golf Balls Should A Beginner Use

Depending on personal preferences, skill level, and playing style, the best golf balls for beginners will vary. In order to select the golf ball that works best for you, it is advised to test out a few different makes and models. Making an educated choice might also benefit from seeking advice from a golf professional. As well, you may visit a golf shop.

For novices, finding golf balls that increase their love of the sport, fosters progress. This also provides a good combination of distance, control, forgiveness, and cost. These are the main facts, as you know.

Now, we’ll talk about the Top 5 Best Golf Balls for Beginners.

Top 5 Best Beginner Golf Balls

Top 5 Best Beginner Golf Balls

Here is a list of golf balls that are suitable for beginners:

Here is a short description of those mentioned earlier five ” 5 Best Beginner Golf Balls” from the list

Titleist DT TruSoft:

The Titleist DT TruSoft is a popular choice for beginners due to its low compression and soft feel. It offers good distance, forgiveness, and control. It makes an excellent all-around option for new golfers.

Callaway Supersoft: 

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is designed for maximum forgiveness and distance. Its low-compression core provides a soft feel and helps beginners achieve longer and straighter shots with ease.

Srixon Soft Feel:

 The Srixon Soft Feel is known for its low compression and exceptional feel. It offers good distance, enhanced accuracy, and great greenside control. It’s also a good choice for beginners who want to get better at the game as a whole. 

Bridgestone e6 Soft:

The Bridgestone e6 Soft golf ball is made to make shots more straight and to accept more mistakes. It features a low-spin core and a soft cover. This also promotes longer, more accurate drives and improved control around the greens.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite:

 The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf ball is an affordable option for beginners without compromising on performance. It offers a low-compression design for added distance. This also does a soft feel and excellent durability.  

Now discuss faqs people want to know.


Here are the answers to our FAQs:

Can High Handicappers Use Pro V1?

Yes, high handicappers can use Pro V1 golf balls. However, Pro V1 balls are typically designed for advanced players with higher swing speeds and precise ball control. High handicappers may find that Pro V1 balls are less forgiving and may not provide optimal performance for their game.

What Is a Soft Golf Ball?

A soft golf ball refers to a ball with a low compression rating. These balls are designed to feel more peaceful when struck. These are generally more forgiving, especially for players with slower swing speeds. 

How Do You Know If a Golf Ball Is Good?

Determining if a golf ball is good depends on various factors, including 

  • Personal preference,
  • Playing style, and 
  • Skill level. 

Generally, a good golf ball should offer a combination of distance, control, feel, and durability. 

What Is a Hard Golf Ball?

A hard golf ball typically refers to a ball with a higher compression rating. These balls are often designed for players with faster swing speeds who can generate more power. Hard golf balls may offer increased distance. Sometimes,  they can be less forgiving and provide less feel around the greens. 

What Is a Pro-Level Handicap?

A pro-level handicap, also known as a scratch handicap, has a handicap index of zero. It indicates that a golfer’s scoring average is equal to the course rating. It also represents an accomplished level of play. 

What Handicap Do You Need to Play Pro?

The handicap requirements to play professional golf can vary depending on the specific tour or event. Generally, professional golfers have extremely low handicaps or no handicaps at all.

Now comes to final thoughts.

Final Say

Choosing the best beginner golf balls is essential for new golfers to improve their game. This builds confidence in the course. By understanding the characteristics of beginner golf balls and considering factors, you can enjoy yourself. With the following  factors, such as- 

  • Compression, 
  • Spin Control, 
  • Aerodynamics, And
  •  Budget

With the above factors in mind, you can make an informed decision. The recommended top 5 golf balls provide forgiveness, and distance, and are budget-friendly. You can give them a try. Enjoy your Golfer!

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