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Should I Use Plastic Golf Tees – Helpful Guide

Are you a golfer or golf lover looking to keep your game fresh and up-to-date? If so, you might have wondered whether plastic golf tees are the right choice. Many golfers today find themselves facing this very dilemma. After all, there are so many different types of tees on the market – how can anyone know which ones are the best fit? Well, never fear!

This blog post will explore: Should I Use Plastic Golf Tees? In comparison to other materials now on the market, their benefits and drawbacks. Make an informed decision about whether they should be part of your next round!

We will now discuss how to make a plastic golf tee.

How to Make Golf Plastic Tee

Should you use plastic golf tees? The answer is yes if you’re an avid golfer who likes to practice hitting balls on the driving range. Plastic tees are less expensive than traditional wooden tees. Plastic tee can withstand many uses from one tee.

To make a plastic golf tee, you’ll need either a mould or to shape the tee through direct injection. A PVC paste is injected into the mould and cools for several minutes.

Once cooled, the plastic will become flexible enough to be removed from the mould or machine. Then, it is cut by a blade or drill for shorter products. Finally, any sharp edges will be sanded to be safe for use during a game of golf.

We will now discuss the benefits of golf plastic tee.

The Benefit of Golf Plastic Tee

Durability and Longevity

Plastic tees are well-known for how long they last. They don’t break as easily as wooden tees. You can use them for a long time without buying new ones.

Consistency in Height

Each plastic tee is made to be the same height as golf balls. This consistency can help golfers hit their shots farther and more accurately.

Eco-Friendly Options

Recycled materials are used to make a lot of current plastic t-shirts. Making them for players who care about the environment. Also, fewer trees end up in dumps because they last a long time.

Improved Ball Flight

Plastic tees have added features, like spikes or holes, that help the ball slide off. This can make drives last longer and go straighter.

Easy Insertion

A plastic tee’s tip is sharper, pushing it into the ground more accessible, even on rigid tee boxes. This can save you time and energy on the track.


Players can choose from various lengths and styles of plastic tees to suit their preferences. Whether you need a shorter tee for irons or a longer one for drivers, options are available.


Plastic tees may cost more upfront than wooden ones, but they last longer. Because they last a long time, they are an excellent long-term choice. You won’t have to buy as many new tees.

We will now discuss the disadvantages of plastic tee.

The Disadvantage of Plastic Tee

One bad thing about plastic golf tees is that they hurt the earth. Plastic tees don’t break down, even though they last longer than wooden ones.

So, if they get lost or have a problem on the path, they can make more plastic trash, which is terrible for the earth.

Some players choose wooden or organic tees to have less of an effect on the environment.

We will now discuss why plastic tees are becoming more popular day by day.

Why Plastic Tees Become Popular Day by Day

Plastic tees are becoming more and more popular because of their advantages. Plastic tees provide a host of advantages over wooden tees. They are now being used in various professional tournaments around the world. Compared to wooden tees, plastic tees offer durability and versatility.

A plastic tee gives a more consistent launch angle across many shots. The fact is that they don’t splinter, unlike wooden tees. It is another helpful feature that makes them a popular choice.

Also, they’re often much cheaper than their wooden counterparts. This makes them ideal for golfers who practice regularly or are on a tight budget. Because of plastic tee benefits, it is a beautiful addition to any golfer equipment.

We will now discuss the conclusion on the use of plastic golf tees.


Whether you use plastic golf tees as a player depends on what’s important to you and what you like. Plastic tees are strong, stable, and easy to use, but also bad for the earth. To make a good choice, consider your wants and ideals.

Plastic tees may be a good choice if you care most about how long they last and how well they work. But you can choose recyclable or wooden tees if you care about the environment and history.

In the end, there’s no one correct answer for everyone. The best tee for you is the one that fits with your goals and morals and helps you enjoy the game more.

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